Attention: If you or someone you love is suffering from Stinky Feet, then this could change your life forever...

“Former Stinky Feet Sufferer Finally Reveals Her Secret System that Will Show You How to Permanently Get Rid of Your Stinky Feet, Using a Unique Step-By-Step Method that No One Else Will Tell You About...Without Ever Seeing the Doctor...”

Discover the Foolproof, Fail proof System that I have created after Years of Trial and Error to Eliminate Smelly Feet, and make it a thing of the past, and with minimal effort...

Embarrassed Smelly FeetDear Stinky Feet Sufferer,

Are you struggling to get rid of your stinky feet? Frustrated at not being able to eliminate that stinking odor that comes from your feet despite trying everything? If your answer is yes then let me tell you - I understand and know exactly how you feel, because I personally had the same experience years ago. I battled with smelly feet for decades until I finally found a solution to it, until I finally got rid of it permanently... while helping a few of my friends do the same thing.

Are you Suffering From Any of these
Emotional or Physical Symptoms?

  •  Persistent Smelly Feet - Smells that will not go away, and the horror unfolds whenever you have to take off your shoes?
  • Do You Avoid Going to visit Friend’s as you might have to take of your shoes and risk having them smell your feet odor?
  • Do You Suffer from Low Self Esteem, Worry and General Discomfort about yourself Because of Your Smelly Feet?
  • Have you spend a lot on medications, over the counters and other certain remedies that Never Seem To Work?

stinky shoesIf you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, my pledge to you is that I am going to help you reverse and eventually eliminate those symptoms and problems in your life by following this step-by-step system that I have developed.

If you would like to learn how to finally rid of your stinky feet permanently... and regain your health and wellbeing, without expensive medications, consultations and the typical treatments, then this will be the lifesaver for you...

smelly feet cure

What Makes This System So Unique is that It Gives YOU the Power To:

  • Cure Stinky Feet Permanently. This is a fact, as I’ve used this with great results, and as I was a chronic sufferer of smelly feet, I have tried literally everything, and none of them worked. Even when they did, it was only for a short period of time, then I had to find the NEXT so called “cure”. My System that I developed, and the one you’re going to learn is going to do what others are not capable of doing, and that is to cure your smelly feet permanently.
  • You will start seeing results within a week – after applying the steps within this system. This is not a “quick fix” (we all know quick fixes rarely work right?) you will have to follow my steps "to the letter" and I guarantee you will start to see (or smell) results very quickly.
  • Cure Smelly Feet without Expensive Consultations, Treatments and Medications. If you had tried to get rid of smelly feet using the conventional treatments- you know that can be expensive, and what’s more, it doesn’t treat the root cause. With this system you’re gonna learn how to treat it using regular products that you could buy anywhere - even Wal-Mart – and they are very affordable.
  • Cure StinkyFeet With a Safe, Effective and Clear Plan and Put an End to the Conflicting Information and Advice, Solve Your Problems ONCE and FOR ALL. If you’re frustrated at the lack of results and confused, perplexed by information overload, conflicting advice and information about curing your smelly feet, then my SYSTEM will finally make everything clear to you. When you finish reading the information within this book, you will GET IT. You will have the exact steps and tools necessary for you to get rid of smelly feet, by getting rid of the root cause. You will understand why you have smelly feet, its deep rooted cause, and you will know what to do, step-by-step to eliminate that from your life forever, and feel better than you’ve ever felt before.

 Who Am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

Hi, My name is Kath Jenkins, and I have battled with smelly, stinky feet for an awful long time in my life. This really horrible condition really affected me, in many areas of my life... and it has compromised my quality of life so considerably that I was desperate for a solution to get rid of my smelly feet... PERMANENTLY..

Smelly Feet shopping

You see, everywhere I went I was fearful that I may have to take off my shoes and be morbidly & extremely embarrassed by my smelly feet. I could never try on shoes in a  shoe store for fear the shop assistant would smell my feet & shoes. I would not visit my friends  if I thought I would have to take off my shoes at the front door.

smelly feet cure


I took my shoes off at a friend’s house to go for a swim and someone smelt my smelly shoes and then went on and on about a disgusting smell in the room and kept searching around for the smell. I hid my shoes, but she still kept looking and insisting everyone empty their bags to find the smell. I ended up sneaking out to my car to put the bag in the trunk. She saw me go outside & followed me insisting that I must have walked in some dog droppings and wanted to help me get it off my shoes.

One time, I had to buy some new shoes and decided not to try them on (I never tried shoes on because of the smell), this lovely shop assistant insisted I should try them on because they were odd sizing, the more I insisted that I didn’t need to try them on, the more she insisted that I should. There were people standing watching and even another customer started telling me I should try them on. I ended up just walking out of the store without the shoes as I was mortified at the thought of taking off my smelly shoes.

I was at the movies once and my feet were killing me, so I thought I would just slip my shoes off and no-one would notice. But several people noticed the smell and started asking out-loud “what is that horrible smell?” Pretty soon everyone around me (including me) was holding our noses looking for the “smell”.

I was at the doctors once for a medical and had to be weighed. When I took off my shoes to stand on the scales I could see the Dr wanted to cover his nose and leave, but he had to get down close to check what it said as the numbers were quite small. It was one of the most embarrassing moments ever.


I Tried Everything!

I tried cutting out lots of different foods like – dairy, meat, eggs and even fruit.


I tried washing my feet 2-3 times a day, I tried putting special insoles in my shoes, I tried only wearing open shoes, I tried airing my feet in the sun every day. I tried soaking my feet in tea bags and even tried soaking them in vodka.  I bought lots of so-called cures from the drug store. I even let off an anti smell “bomb” in my shoe cupboard.


Yet I Still Suffered from Stinky Feet!

embarrassed smelly feet

But nothing made any difference until I became determined to find the solution. I decided that no matter what, I would solve my smelly feet problem. I tried absolutely every cure that I had ever heard of (some of them were pretty whacky). I decided to persevere until I cracked the code. I almost gave up, thinking that I would just have to live with it. The end result was - that no one thing alone works – at all.

The real secret was a COMBINATION of Natural Holistic Treatments that work synergistically to help eliminate smelly feet permanently... and ONCE I cracked the code to that...


My Stinky Feet Were Gone!

I look back now and realize just how much my smelly feet affected my self esteem. Then I realized that I had achieved something great. I didn’t realize that so many people suffer with this problem for so long. Now I just want to help them feel as good as I do – Confident, very happy & free to enjoy their life to the full.

no smelly feet

Introducing:  the “No More Smelly Feet System”

The Step-By-Step System that Will Teach You How to Permanently Rid of Smelly, Stinky Feet, without the use of expensive treatments, or medications and without paying through your nose for doctors consultations and referrals to specialists... and contains all the information that you’ll ever need to eliminate smelly feet permanently...



You’ll Be Shown the Exact Step-By-Step Methods that I Used
to Get Rid of Stinky Feet that works EVERY TIME!

This are the methods that are tried and tested, and I have put them in a sequence of 7 steps that works synergistically and sequentially to help you address the root cause of your smelly feet- and get rid of them forever...

I will show you in detail the steps that I took, the tools and ingredients that I used to make the steps work, and I make it SUPER easy and convenient for you to get the steps completed really quickly to eliminate this problem as quick as possible... and if the steps are followed as outlined, then results should be seen within a week.


Here’s a Partial List of what you’ll Get in this Ebook:

  • Find out the hidden cost$ of having stinky feet- what it could do to your life, your family and others’ perception of you
  • Discover the simple method to get rid off smelly feet forever- and this method works every time as I had tried many methods and refined this method until its fail proof
  • List of Essential Items and Tools that will help get rid of smelly feet – These are all very basic stuff, yet when assembled together to work like magic to get rid of smelly feet!
  • Where to buy the essential items and tools – I have given you the links to online stores to get these items, it’s as easy as it gets…
  • The list of things you should avoid which includes certain types of shoes, sox etc – to keep smelly feet a thing of the past FOREVER…
  • One activity you could do that will help rid of smelly feet- but is also a relaxing treat for you…
  • And Much More…

What the Smelly Feet No More System Can Do For You

  • Get rid of your smelly feet permanently!No Smelly Feet System
  • Complete prevention of future smelly feet!
  • Results within just one week!

You’d Be Able to Enjoy Odorless Feet and Let Smelly Feet Be Consigned to History... And Finally Be Able To

  • Confidently and happily take off your shoes and know beyond doubt that your feet will not smell bad!
  • You can snuggle up with your lover, wife, husband, friends & kids and happily kick off your shoes!
  • You can visit your friends and happily take off your shoes in social gatherings without the fear of anyone smelling your stinky feet!
  • Put the shame, desperation, and frustrations to bed once and for all!
  • Save on repeated smelly feet treatment costs-   saving you more time, money resources and energy to do the things that you love!
  • You will feel (perhaps for the first time ever) confident & excited about life and the future!
  • You will realise how much you were missing out on in life because you were constantly in fear of others finding out your nasty secret!
  • Ultimately, not worry about smelly feet EVER AGAIN... and have no one judging or making fun of you or your smelly feet ever again!


Life is Too Short to Try And Get Rid of Stinky Feet On
Your Own Through Trial And Error. Take Charge Over
It Right Now And Follow a Proven Step-By-Step System!

When you follow this system that I’m going to share with you, you literally take the shortcut to permanently getting rid of your smelly feet.

Why go through the same ordeal that I had to go through, with many years of trial and error, wasted money spent on temporary fixes in the tune of thousands of dollars? The methods outlined in this system are simple yet powerful, and many will NEVER discover it own their own.


So How Much Does This Complete Life-Changing System Cost?

The No Smelly Feet System is by far the most Effective System you Will EVER find anywhere. And I have great news for you... Since the cost for delivering digital ebooks or minimal as there are no printing and distribution costs, you can get this ebook for much less than the price of a hard copy manual – and you get it INSTANTLY too! You investment in this life-changing ebook is now only $27  $17

Once you place your order, you will be IMMEDIATELY directed to the download page, where you will be able to download your manual and get started on it IMMEDIATELY.

The ebook is in PDF format, which can be easily viewed on Both PCs and MAC. Read it on your computer or alternatively, you could print out your own hard copy.


Don’t let doubt be the obstacle to getting rid of stinky feet forever... when you’re covered by my NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 60-Day MoneyBack Guarantee.


Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

When you decide to try this system, the risk is all on me. Please try it at least for the next 2 months. Make the step by step system work for you, use the information within the product to rid of your smelly feet. Have a real go at it. If you’re not happy with the results, then simply request for a refund, and I’ll simply issue you a no fuss, no questions asked, prompt 100% refund.

However, I know you will experience great results with this system, and when it gets rid of your smelly feet, then I would ask if you could email me your success story and testimonial to tell me about the results that you’ve achieved, and the BREAKTHROUGH that happened in your life because of this system- and tell your friends about it too- so that more can learn and benefit from this system.


This is where You Have to Make Your Decision...

Embarrassed by Smelly Feet?Imagine yourself 3 months from now... Are you still suffering from this horrible condition? Still feeling bad about taking your shoes off where other people are doing the same, and getting disgusted looks on how your feet stinks? Are you still embarrassed about this little deep dark secret of yours that has brought you lots of embarrassing moments?

Or… now you that have you gotten rid of this horrible condition... Living a full active, smelly feet free life, enjoying taking off your shoes and doing the things you wanted to do, and not worry about stinking and scaring your friends and family away...? You have to choose today... Although this is not a quick fix system, although your smelly feet won’t vanish instantly, results are usually seen within a week of using the system... Imagine that, in a weeks time, your smelly feet could be the thing of the past!

The sooner you get this fixed, the sooner you will get rid of that knot in the pit of your stomach every time you are near someone and always fearing they will be able to smell your stinky feet.

No Smelly Feet SystemRight now is your chance to start on the path to a smelly feet free life, not tomorrow, not next week. BUT NOW! This is one of those important decisions that you have to make, that could change your life for good... It’s one of those moments when you have to take fate in your own hands and start being proactive about finding the solution to this really frustrating problem... It’s time to try something that works... and it’s here for you... Now do it!



Your Friend,

Kath Jenkins

P.S Remember, with the 100% money back guarantee, all the risk is on me. You have nothing to lose by trying out this proven system to help rid of your smelly feet permanently. Please do not mistake this opportunity as some type of scam, as it is not, and you’re welcome to contact us here for any additional information or reassurance that we’re the REAL DEAL.

P.S I know you want a solution to this problem, and that’s precisely what I’m offering here – a permanent solution to your problem. So please don’t hesitate to give this system a try, as it’s less than the cost of a meal in town... and it can change your life for the better...


What Other People Say... 

I used to dread being close to anyone, because my feel smelt so bad. I was a bit scepitical because I have tried just about every other method and none of them worked. But after just a few days I noticed a real change and before too long I was confidently taking my shoes off whenever I felt like it.

Thank you so much. This has really helped me with my self confidence.

Julie S, Blue Mountains, NSW.

I have suffered with smelly feet for many years, I had come to the conclusion that I would never be rid of it. My wife had banned me from removing my shoes inside the house, she would make me leave them outside (even in the very cold weather) & insist that I take a shower as soon as I walked in the door. That was until I tried this amazing system, my wife bought this book and insisted I “give it a go” and I am so glad I did. It takes a few minutes each day, and it really is worth it. Even my brother is trying now.

Thanks Kath.

Michael W. Brisbane, QLD.

I just wanted to write & let you know how grateful I am to you. Your No Smelly Feet system has saved my marriage! My husband found my smelly feet so revolting that he refused to sleep in the same room as me. It upset me so much, and I thought I would never have his love and affection anymore. But once I started using your system, neither of us could believe it – for the first time ever, I have been able to slip off my shoes in the comfort of my own home without feeling ashamed & embarresed.

I will definitely be recommending this book to anyone with smelly feet.

Jacquie A. Sydney, NSW

Before I used this system my feet made me feel embarrassed all the time, especially if I had completed a work out and had to go to the shops to pick something up before going home. I notice a real difference as soon as I started using the system. Now I feel confident to travel to the shops after workouts and not have to go home straight away.

I would recommend it to anyone with Smelly Feet it really made a big difference to my life.

Matt F, Sydney NSW.