6 Tips to Have Lovely Feet

Of all the different parts of the body, the feet tend to suffer the most. They are our trusty servants, yet we hide them into shoes despite the fact that they carry our whole body.

Some tips to have lovely feet.

1. Dirt-free Feet are Attractive Feet.

The very best feet secret is keeping your feet clean. Dryness and cracking of skin in the feet can be caused by dirty feet. A regular foot soak could soften and moisturize cracked skin thus; it may be able to keep your feet looking nice and clean. Plus, clean feet could avoid fungus or plantar warts.Beautiful Feet

2. Regularly Trim Your Toenails.

To have beautiful and attractive feet, you must trim your toenails frequently, but also bear in mind never to trim them too short, or have them too long. Besides giving you beautiful toes, this beauty secret for your feet helps avoid ingrown toenails, a foot condition which may be very painful.

3. Use a few drops of essential oil as part of your next footbath!

4. Utilize warm water and lavender oil to maintain beautiful feet.

Massaging the feet is a great thing to do, aside from refreshing your feet. Get a bowl of warm water and add 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil. It will make your feet more relaxed. Then, gently massage your feet, all over without neglecting any part of them.

After a long day, clean your feet with warm water, then apply some moisturizer. It is a lot better if you try to relax and rest your feet for about two hours to allow them to refresh and revitalize again.

Fruit acids are a wonderful way to remove dead skin cells. So, put your feet in warm water containing some lemon or orange slices.

5. Pamper your feet. Treat them for a pedicure.

6. Add milk with a foot-bath to soften the feet.

Following these 6 tips to have lovely feet, will help you a lot. Not only that it will give you gorgeous, healthy feet, it will also give you a joyful life free from foot pain and bad odour.


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