Get Rid of Those Corns on Your Feet

Before we discuss tips to avoid corns, we should always know what exactly is a foot corn? We are not talking about a corn that is a grain, but a corn that is frequently seen on people's feet.

Foot corns are calluses which are formed through the pressure points in the foot, it is usually seen in the heel, between your toes or within the pad of the foot. They may be thick dead skin and are small and round. They have a yellow or gray color and they are extremely painful.Comfortable Shoes

They can swell and become red and inflamed in color and if not treated properly, it can get to a more severe stage and will likely get infected. Worst, if it could lead to necessary surgery to get rid of it.

People with small toes are the people who usually fall victim to this foot problem. What's more if they are wearing poorly fitted shoes, it will cause excessive friction and rubbing of skin that forms a corn.

There are 3 types of feet corns; they are seed corns, hard corns and soft corns.

Seed corns are the least common foot corns, a tiny patch of stiff skin around a little plug of cholesterol which occurs only on the underside of the foot. This is often attributable to lack of perspiration.

Hard corns develop on the top end of the smaller toes, underneath and on your forefoot. Hard corns have identical makeup as seed corns.

Soft corns develop between your toes brought on by sweating which can become infected.

Avoiding the development of foot corns is not so complicated. The first thing that you need to do is to buy shoes that perfectly fit you. It means that the shoes should not be too tight, nor too loose. If ever you are not sure what size to buy, go and ask for the assistance of the sales person in the shoe store.

A separated cushioned insole should be one of your standards in seeking the best shoes for yourself. It will give your feet extra protection against a myriad of foot problems especially corns. Aside from that, it will make you feel walking in the air for its soft and light characteristics.

Having a good and comfortable shoes doesn’t mean cheap. Be prepared to spend some money for it because the best shoes are more expensive. But you can try to canvass some malls and stores for you to get the best deal and discounts. Don't forget the online price options for a particular shoes.

Finally, go and walk barefoot inside your house. Do this as often as possible. It will allow your feet to breath and rest in a natural way. This can also help your feet to be more relaxed.


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